What Is Chapel?

Ever feel like you need a break to breathe and recenter yourself? At Hillcrest Academy we built a 20 minute chapel into our school day for just that purpose. The entire school meets together to connect with each other and with God. Our daily chapels are something that sets us apart from other schools. Chapels are planned and led by a mix of students and faculty. We worship, sing, listen, laugh, reflect, and learn. It’s often a highlight of the day.

Our Chapel Theme

This year’s chapel theme is ‘KINDNESS’, which is the theme from Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

Ephesians 4:32 challenges us to be kind and forgive others regardless of how they treat you. You can’t change how someone treats you, but you can choose to respond to them with kindness. The end of this verse is also great. It tells us that we can do this because God in Christ forgave us.

A group of students guided by chapel coordinators, Corben Weaver Boshart (Bible), Sierra Cheney (Spanish), and Bryn Hovde (Art) are responsible for planning chapels through the year. We invite your prayers as we are on this journey to become more Christ-like, more compassionate people.

Small Groups are just one more way we’re growing into the people God made us to be.They’re made up of 6-8 students with one faculty leader. We’re with the same group for the school year, so we get comfortable and close. The purpose of the groups is to strengthen our spiritual walks with each other through accountability, support, topic discussion, mixing of ages and ideas. Of course, a whole lot of fun mixes in too! Whether it’s eating, playing sports, praying, discussing, planning parties and service projects, or enjoying a sleepover together, chapel small groups help build community.

Public Is Invited

Wish you could see what chapel is all about? Come join us! All our chapels are open to the public. Join us at 9:59 AM in Celebration Hall any Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Tuesdays are when we meet in our small groups.