Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Hillcrest Academy, in partnership with the family and the church, offers students an academically excellent, Christ-centered education rooted in an Anabaptist perspective. Within a caring community, Hillcrest Academy prepares students for lives of Christian discipleship, peacemaking and service.

At Hillcrest Academy, we are passionate about:

As Christians, Jesus is our model for how to live, how to love, and how to treat others. We strive to teach and model the ways of Jesus in all aspects of our students’ education. This includes honoring and respecting all people regardless of our differences.


Each student is uniquely gifted, and we encourage each one to explore their varying interests. We encourage involvement in our numerous extracurricular activities, regardless of ability or previous experience. We also promote student-initiated opportunities for exploration and growth.


Our highly-qualified faculty and staff realize that success may look different for each student. Within that framework, we expect our students to expand their critical thinking skills and do their best in the classroom. Our goal is always to prepare students for life’s next steps, be that continued education, employment, or voluntary service.


We desire that our students pursue life-long learning and be given the tools to engage with the world around them. Our collaborative approach includes learning and reflecting through experiences, developing a spirit of volunteerism, and guiding conversations around current social issues, global complexities, and faith development.


We want our students to realize the impact they have on people around them. We aim to develop in our students the leadership skills of peacemaking, restorative justice, generosity, and service.


We strive to create an environment where everyone — students, families, faculty, and staff — knows they belong and are cared for. Our students learn what it means to engage in a supportive school community through the building of meaningful relationships. At Hillcrest Academy, we are privileged to care for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.