Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition is Not One Size Fits All

Think an excellent, Christian education is out of reach? Think again! With variable tuition, an education at Hillcrest Academy has never been more accessible.

  • We offer our families a range of tuition. Where your family falls depends on your income and many other personal factors. The range spans from 18% to 49% of the actual cost of education or $3,500 to $9,735 per year.
  • We utilize a third party to confidentially help us determine where your family falls in this range.
  • How do we make it work? We provide an excellent education while being conscious of our budget. We also have donors, area churches who financially support the school, fundraising activities such as our Annual Fund, supporting activities like our SCRIP program and our endowment.

For over 70 years, Hillcrest Academy has been committed to providing an excellent, Christian education to families in Southeast Iowa. Excellent, Christian education has always required a significant financial investment. Private education can be difficult for some families to access. 

At Hillcrest Academy, we are committed to granting access to as many families as possible. This commitment is foundational for us. We are excited to introduce Variable Tuition as a way to open up a Hillcrest Academy education to more families! We will match your tuition rate to your family’s unique financial position.

2020-21 Entry Fee Form

How is This Helpful to Me?

  • Our tuition model benefits all families at Hillcrest Academy.
  • No matter your financial situation, you are welcome to apply for Variable Tuition.
  • Everyone will qualify for something between the entry and exit range.

How Do I Apply for Variable Tuition?

Families interested in Variable Tuition should submit their information to our confidential third party administrator, TADS, online. Based on their recommendation to our administration, your variable tuition is determined and you will be notified by our business office. You can complete the application for variable tuition by clicking on the Apply Now button below.

A few things to note regarding your TADS application:

  • There is a $45 application fee.
  • You may leave your online application and come back to it at a later time.
  • If you have a special circumstance that is not included in the application, you can write a letter of special circumstance and send it to TADS after you submit your application.
  • Once you have submitted your application and paid the application fee, you will then see instructions as to what supporting documents you will need to send. The recommended method is to upload the documents from your computer. Other choices are to fax or mail copies of your documents to TADS. Documents are required within 5 days after submitting your application. If you need help submitting your documentation, contact Theresa Blossom.
  • The deadline for returning students to apply is May 1, 2020. You will be notified of award information no later than mid-June.
  • New students are welcome to apply at any point throughout the year.
  • Below is the TADS Worksheet, which is a helpful tool for you to know what type of information you will need during the online application process. We recommend that you fill out the worksheet before beginning your application.

Walk Through Guide to help you apply

TADS Worksheet – English

TADS Worksheet – Spanish 

Click here to apply at


The same application process is also used to determine if you qualify for Iowa Independent School Tuition Organization (IISTO) grant funds through the student tuition organization we belong to. You can look at the guidelines for IISTO funds and learn more about IISTO here. One financial application process can qualify you for Variable Tuition and IISTO grants.