Academics at Hillcrest Academy

As a parent, a rich education is one of the best gifts you will ever give your child. You want them to be at a school where they won’t get lost in the crowd. You would like to find an environment that cares just as much about your child’s social and emotional well-being as they do about academic standing. Finally, it’s important to know that your teen will be at a place that takes spiritual growth just as seriously as you do.

Academic Overview

At Hillcrest Academy, your family will find a collaborative, joyful environment and the opportunity to thrive through rigorous learning experiences. Your child will grow in self-confidence and feel a deep sense of belonging within the encouraging Hillcrest community.

At Hillcrest Academy, we believe Jesus is the center of our faith. Community is the center of our lives, and reconciliation is the center of our work. The values of understanding God’s unconditional love, respect for others, and a humble attitude of service are an integral part of the academic experience.

Strong academics 
Middle school students develop critical thinking and self-reflection skills as a part of academic content. High school students benefit from challenging academic courses that include:

AP Classes

  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • English Literature and Composition
  • Music Theory

Concurrent Courses

These courses allow students to receive both high school and college credit, including:

  • US History to 1877
  • US History from 1887
  • Survey of Animal Industry

Engaging Electives

  • Visual and performing arts
  • Business
  • Culinary arts
  • Agriculture

Our students excel in ACT testing, consistently scoring 3 points above the national average and 2 points above the state average.

Nurturing community 
Hillcrest Academy provides a caring community designed to cultivate compassionate leaders and help prepare students for lives of Christian discipleship, peacemaking, and service. Student have the opportunity to be a part of Compassion Club, which does volunteer work in the community and supports children abroad.

Character development 
Middle schoolers grow confidence in their abilities which prepares them for more independence in high school, where they will explore special interests, form life-changing relationships, and start claiming their faith as their own.

Middle School

Our middle school program is purposefully designed to provide a caring classroom community where time is intentionally dedicated to social and emotional development. Hands-on learning experiences involve students in the discovery process. Within a learner-centered approach, our passionate teachers serve as a guide to encourage students’ natural curiosity and inspire success.

High School

Our high school program offers rich academics, athletics and extracurricular opportunities within an inclusive and nurturing Christian community. Our 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio allows for stronger interaction and a more collaborative classroom culture.

Students will learn how to put classroom lessons to work in real-world applications, which is crucial to college and career success. Hillcrest faculty engages students with projects that include working on the campus’ greenhouse, orchard or chicken coop, designing landscapes, participating in the Physics Olympics, and the special one-week Service and Learning Term held every other year.

Interested in a Tour?

The best way to experience Hillcrest Academy is in person. Sign up to schedule a personalized visit on a day that fits your schedule. If you have questions about any upcoming events or want to arrange a personalized visit, please contact Rebecca Beachy Miller, Director of Enrollment, at 319-656-2073 x 20 or rbeachymiller@hillcrestravens.org.