High School

High School

High School at Hillcrest Academy

Academics That Inspire. Faith That Leads.

High school is a big step in the life of a teenager. As a parent, you realize that graduation isn’t that far away. Maybe you and your child have begun talking about what comes next. If that conversation hasn’t happened yet, you’re probably already thinking about the future. 

You want your teen to make the most of their time in high school. A standard of academic excellence is a high priority. However, you also want them to be at a place where they will expand their talents and experience spiritual growth so they can look to the future with confidence.

Hillcrest Academy students leave with more than just a strong academic foundation. They graduate fully equipped with the necessary skills to apply that knowledge so that they are ready to take their place as Christian leaders in their colleges and communities. Below, you’ll find an overview of our high school program, including:

  • Hillcrest Distinctives
  • College and Career Prep
  • Student Life at Hillcrest
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Hillcrest Distinctives

What makes Hillcrest Academy attractive to families in the Kalona, Washington, and southwestern Iowa City areas? Hillcrest creates opportunities for students to grow in a supportive, family-like, Christian environment that will prepare them for life after high school.

Academic Tracks  
Hillcrest Academy offers college board-certified Advanced Placement (AP) courses including Calculus, Chemistry, English Literature and Composition, and Music Theory. A variety of AP courses are available to students online through the University of Iowa Online AP Academy. These include Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, U.S. Government & Politics, and U.S. History.

Hillcrest partners with Kirkwood Community College to offer concurrent courses for students including Principles of Agronomy and Environmental Science among others. Students can also choose from courses in Agriculture and the Industrial Arts including Animal Science, Small Engines, and Welding. Be sure to review our full curriculum for all courses offered at Hillcrest.

Guidance and Support 
School counselors partner with students as they explore their strengths and interests through various assessments and experiences, which allows them to examine options for their future in college, career or ministry.  

Caring Teachers 
Your teen doesn’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd. The passionate faculty and staff at Hillcrest work to create a nurturing culture where our students call teachers by their first names. Teacher-student relationships are built on trust, honesty, and respect, and a 5:1 student-teacher ratio allows us to make time to care for one another and build healthy relationships.

Championship-Winning Athletics 
Hillcrest boasts a wide range of athletic opportunities. Raven student athletes have the opportunity to compete in baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track & field, volleyball, and wrestling. Hillcrest has won 16 state titles, made 42 state championship appearances, and earned 6 sportsmanship awards in its history.

We have found Hillcrest Academy to be much more than just a place to get a diploma. The halls are filled with teachers and staff who genuinely care and want to see their students succeed. Our kids have been challenged academically while pursuing multiple interests in clubs, theater, music, and sports. The school size encourages students to make friends in all grades, try new activities and classes, and explore their interests

Randy & Kristen Rempel, Iowa City, IA

College and Career Prep

A Roadmap to Success 

About 90% of our students go directly to college after graduation. Your child will have ongoing guidance and support needed as they navigate high school and prepare for the next steps. The mission of the Hillcrest Counseling Department is to help students determine and follow God’s plan for their lives. 

We explore their strengths and interests through various assessments and experiences, which allows them to consider the options for their future in college, career, or service. Each year, the school counselor meets with students to:

  • Discuss the importance of taking classes seriously
  • Review transcripts to learn about class rank and GPA
  • Advise students on national test options and important dates for the PSAT, ACT, and SAT
  • Complete assessments to identify college options that best fit students’ needs
  • Explore career/college plans
  • Provide guidance on college applications and financial aid

Hillcrest’s low student-to-counselor ratio allows us to meet individually with students to get to know their needs and prepare them for successful lives beyond our campus.

  • 9th Grade: Designed with college prep in mind, freshmen begin with core classes to start building a strong academic foundation. Hillcrest high school classes are typically taken in sequence, beginning in grade 9 with New/Old Testament Survey, English I, Physical Education, Math,  Biology, Introduction to Art/Music, and World History.
  • 10th Grade: Sophomores continue to take foundational courses with New/Old Testament Survey, English II, Physical Education, Math, Science, Health, and American History. 
  • 11th Grade: Junior students have an opportunity to take Church/Anabaptist History, English III, Physical Education, Science, Math, and a Social Science elective. 
  • 12th Grade: Seniors are equipped to take the next step toward college or career, confident in their abilities. Students take Christian Family Living or Christianity in the World Arena, English IV, Physical Education, Personal Finance, American Government, and a Social Science Elective.

Student Life at Hillcrest

At Hillcrest, we believe:

  • Jesus is the center of our faith. 
  • Community is the center of our lives.
  • Reconciliation is the center of our work.

Your teen will find that our culture is intentionally designed to reflect these important values that will lead to lifelong rewards. A biblical worldview informs everything we do at Hillcrest, as we share God’s love, show respect to one another, and demonstrate a heart for service.

What does student life look like?

  • Sportsmanship: From the basketball court to the baseball field, student-athletes learn to balance commitments, work as a team, and care for their physical and mental health. Leadership opportunities abound in athletics as well. Student-athletes lead teams in devotions before every game.
  • Performing Arts: Students enjoy enrichment experiences that help create a strong sense of community. Your child will get the opportunity to fine tune creative skills and glorify God in choir, band, or on the drama team. Popular performances each year include the Christmas Concert and annual Musical.
  • Servant Leadership: Whether our students are fundraising for local or global nonprofit organizations or intentionally caring for a peer who needs support, we see countless examples of servant leadership in action every day. Our Service and Learning Term (SALT) program provides overseas opportunities for students to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • Clubs & Activities: Hillcrest students can take advantage of multiple extracurricular activities. A few of the activities we offer include the student newspaper, Yearbook Team, Board Games Club, Art Club, FFA, Chapel Committee, and Praise Band.

High school is an important season of life. Hillcrest Academy is a place where they will enjoy so many opportunities to be involved, experience tremendous growth, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn more about a private Christian high school in Kalona, Iowa that is firmly committed to your teen’s success in college and beyond.

To schedule a tour, contact Rebecca Beachy Miller, Director of Enrollment, at rbeachymiller@hillcrestravens.org or (319) 656-2073 x20.