What Does Student Life Look Like at a Christian School?

What Does Student Life Look Like at a Christian School?

If you have a soon-to-be high schooler, you’re without a doubt thinking about the best environment for their next four years. Parents know that this is a vital time in a teen’s life, filled with new academic challenges, future planning, and memory making. It’s also a season of substantial spiritual development — one where teens typically either mature in their own faith or stray from it.

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According to Barna.com, Gen Z (kids born 1999-2015) is the “first truly post-Christian generation.” The decline in religion among teens continues at a staggering pace, leaving many parents wondering why their children didn’t embrace the Christian values instilled at home.

With this in mind, you might be thinking about how a Christ-centered high school would positively impact your son or daughter. When senior year concludes, parents realize their children need much more than an acceptance letter in hand. They need a firm foundation to face our complex, ever-changing world. 

One of our top-asked questions is, “What’s available here for my child beyond the classroom?” Parents know their teens will benefit from a strong academic program with biblical integration, but they also care about the “fun stuff.” After all, you want your student to enjoy their last four years of simply being a kid. Sports, art performances, clubs, social events, and other activities make high school a memorable experience.

Athletics That Teach Life Skills

With 14 different sports teams, there are ample opportunities for every student to compete and have a blast playing the sport they love. While our Ravens have made 42 State appearances and earned 16 State Championships, our mission is about more than winning. Students learn to balance commitments, work collaboratively with others, take care of their physical and mental health, and keep Christ first in every endeavor. It’s truly inspiring to see our student-athletes lead their teams in devotions before every game.

Performing Arts That Honor Christ

Whether your child is on the stage or in the audience, fine arts enrich the academic experience and help create a strong community. Our choirs, bands, and drama team exist to glorify God and help students hone their creative skills. Students, families, and staff look forward to our major performances each year — especially the Christmas Concert and annual Musical!

Servant Leadership Opportunities

Students learn what it looks like and feels like to be the hands and feet of Jesus; an experience that deepens faith like no other. Whether they are fundraising for local or global nonprofit organizations, writing to our sponsored children overseas, or simply caring for a peer who needs support, we see servant leadership in action every day. Our SALT (service and learning term) program provides opportunities for students to travel internationally, help out at camps in the region, serve at a school for blind or deaf students, and travel to impoverished areas to make a difference for Christ.

Clubs That Turn Interests into Passions

Does your student have a knack for writing or photography? We can’t wait to see how they shine on our Newspaper or Yearbook team. Strategic thinkers enjoy a challenge and build new friendships through our Board Games club. Creative minds gravitate toward our Art Club, and outdoorsy students love being a part of the FFA organization. Our Chapel Committee is made up of both students and faculty who passionately work together to plan our chapels each week, and our Praise Band is a favorite whether students are playing an instrument, singing along,  or enjoying the music.

Traditions That Foster Lifelong Memories

Homecoming weekend, our Junior/Senior Banquet, the Senior class trip to DC, SALT projects — there are so many events that bring our students together to learn, worship, and grow, all while having the time of their lives. We are proud of our students’ involvement in school life and their desire to participate in wholesome activities that create warm memories, rather than regrets. 

High school is such an important season of life — one where your child will face many critical life choices. At Hillcrest Academy, they have countless opportunities to fill their time with meaningful activities they’ll look back on with fondness.

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