Our Choirs

Our Choirs


A principal goal of Concert Choir is to improve singing within a choral setting. Teamwork is an important emphasis as a means to achieving a healthy choral sound. Prerequisite: minimum of 1 semester of Chorale or by special permission from the music director. 


Membership in the Hillcrest Academy Touring Choir reflects a commitment to excellence in the choral art. Touring Choir performs a series of concerts in churches of the local area in the spring of the year, and participates in the MSC Choral Festival. Prerequisite: Concert Choir the previous semester or special permission from the music director. 

2023 TOURING CHOIR | Left: Alessa Rivera, Abigail Kacmarynski, Naomi Danker, Sarah Farrier, Micah Gerber, Micah Kacmarynski, Lincoln Miller, Jeremiah Danker, Emily Curtiss, Adrianne Blauvelt, Rya Scott, Andrea Zabibu, Breanna Rivera, Director Adam Voth Unruh, not pictured: Zoey Curtiss

Below are a few examples of what our Touring Choir was up to from recent years.

2022 MSC Regional Choir Festival

Hillcrest Academy was honored to host an MSC Regional Choir Festival on April 1-2. Freeman Academy from Freeman, SD and Central Christian School from Kidron, OH traveled to Iowa on Friday, April 1. Once settled into their hotels, the two school choirs joined the Hillcrest Academy Touring Choir for dinner and various ‘mixer’ activities before starting to practice singing together. The next day, on Saturday, April 2 at 4:00 PM in Celebration Hall, students from the three schools performed songs with their individual choirs as well as select pieces as an 80 student joint choir. Read more about the weekend at hillcrestravens.org/choirfestival and check out the video of the final song below. Needless to say, everyone had fun!


2021 Virtual Tour

The ‘May Our Singing Be Music To Others’ tour looked a lot different this year compared to other tours done by out Touring Choir in the past. Due to current restrictions and guidelines, not only was the MSC Choral Festival canceled (for the second year), but our Touring Choir wasn’t able to sing in our local churches. Just like so many other things this past year, we were forced to think outside the box in order to try and keep our community intact.

We are happy to present the May Our Singing Be Music To Others Virtual Tour
The beauty of having to perform this way, is that everyone can be blessed by our student’s music. We are thankful to be able to team up with the guys at Creative Krunch (Ben Libby ’11 and Reed Shepherd) again to bring you another wonderfully creative video. We hope you enjoy it and may our singing be music to others.