We at Hillcrest Academy care about nurturing the whole person. We believe that by providing a quality, Christ-centered education in the setting of an amazingly supportive community is the way to produce informed citizens who will be kind, do good work and bring more peace to this world.

Our Mission Statement

Hillcrest Academy, in partnership with the family and the church, offers high school students an academically excellent, Christ-centered education rooted in an Anabaptist perspective. Within a caring community, Hillcrest prepares students for lives of Christian discipleship, peacemaking and service.

Mennonite School Council

We are a member of the Mennonite Schools Council which is a group of Anabaptist schools. A representative from each school meets together regularly to plan and dream and work together to bring this unique approach to education to our students. Hillcrest Academy and schools in this council offer an experience that:

  • is Christ-centered,
  • features educational excellence,
  • provides faith-infused opportunities,
  • takes place within a caring community, and
  • emphasizes peace and service.

Graduates of Mennonite schools follow Jesus Christ and, in response to God’s love, grow in grace, joy, and peace so that God’s healing and hope flow through them to the world.