5 Common Misconceptions About a Christian High School Experience

5 Common Misconceptions About a Christian High School Experience

christian high school experience

Choosing the right learning environment for your child in the Iowa City area isn’t easy, but somehow the stakes seem even higher when it comes time to select a high school. You know that these years will bring a great deal of growth and change, setting the stage for your teen’s future. 

Parents often have a myriad of opinions about Christian education. Some of these are based on their own childhood schooling or things they’ve heard from family friends. The truth is, there are a lot of misconceptions about what the high school experience is like in a Christian school. And today, we want to debunk some of those myths, giving you a more realistic picture of what your teen’s life could look like as a Hillcrest Academy student. 

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Let’s start with one of the most widely argued cases for secular schooling — “If my child goes to a Christian school, how will he learn to share the Gospel? I don’t want to shelter him!”

The reality is, while children can certainly be a light at any age, they need a strong foundation to evangelize in our complex and ever-changing world. Today’s teens will navigate more challenges than previous generations, and it’s wise to consider the protection and training required to ensure they can thrive now and in the future.

Hillcrest Academy students have countless opportunities to put their faith into action and share the Gospel. Our Service and Learning Team (SALT) gets students out of the classroom and into the real world to share the love of Jesus through hands-on projects.

Another common myth — “Christian schools have substandard curriculum, the teachers aren’t highly qualified, or both.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Hillcrest Academy is fully accredited by the Iowa Department of Education — the same board that endorses the quality of our state’s public schools. Our rigorous curriculum with optional Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Concurrent (college on campus) classes allows each student to tailor their education to their future goals and be challenged appropriately.

Teachers are not only highly qualified, with a bachelor’s degree or higher, but they are also hired with the intention to go above and beyond delivering curriculum. They do so much more than teach; they mentor, pray, communicate, encourage, and equip your child to pursue the path God has for them.

The misconceptions extend beyond the classroom; you might have thought — “Christian schools don’t offer a wide enough variety of extracurriculars or social activities to keep my child engaged.”

So your daughter is an athlete, and you want her to have every opportunity to reach her potential on the field? Or maybe your son is a gifted thespian and you want to make sure he doesn’t lose the chance to hone his artistic talents? We’re here to assure you that there is no shortage of opportunities to play, compete, perform, and explore at Hillcrest Academy. From our 14 varsity teams with numerous state championships to our vibrant arts department and interest-based clubs, there’s a place for every student to plug in and develop their gifts.

Your teen might have their own concerns about Christian school. They might be thinking, “I’ll never have fun again, there are too many rules, or please don’t put me in a bubble!”

We encourage you to schedule a tour at Hillcrest Academy, bring your teen along and allow your child to see what life actually looks like for our high school students. They might be surprised to see students in comfortable, everyday clothing, engaging in exciting activities, and enjoying meaningful friendships with their peers. Students understand that rules for how we conduct ourselves are less about stifling fun and more about pursuing excellence and honoring God, which creates a positive culture where they are motivated to thrive.

And last but certainly not least, all families have budget concerns, so you’ve probably thought, “I don’t think we can afford a Christian education, and if we can, is it even worth the investment?”

Many Christian schools (including Hillcrest Academy) are able to offer Variable Tuition — a program that makes high-quality, Christ-centered education accessible to families with a wide variety of income levels. After applying for Variable Tuition, Hillcrest families pay anywhere from $3,700 to $9,735 per year for tuition.

We encourage families to remember that an investment in their child’s high school education is an investment in their future. These four years are filled with new challenges and opportunities, and how your teen responds to them can set the trajectory of their future. With a Biblical worldview, caring teachers, positive influences, and meaningful work, they become equipped to follow God’s will for their lives.

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