High school students at Hillcrest Academy benefit from rigorous academic courses that include opportunities for 11 advanced placement classes and a wide array of electives in visual and performing arts, business, culinary arts, agriculture, and more. 

At Hillcrest Academy our philosophy is to nurture the whole person. We believe that by providing a quality, Christ-centered education in the setting of an amazingly supportive community is the way to produce informed citizens who will be kind, do good work and bring more peace to this world.

Scores Above State and National Averages

Hillcrest students consistently surpass state and national ACT averages, with the top 75% of students’ average ACT composite score of 28 in 2019. In 2018, the ACT average composite score for the state of Iowa was 21.8 and 20.8 for the United States. 

Students also take the Iowa Assessments, and Hillcrest classes rank in the 98th percentile nationally. 

Engaged Learning

Knowing how to put classroom lessons to work in real-world applications is crucial to college and career success. That’s why Hillcrest faculty engage students with hands-on learning opportunities throughout the year. Projects can include anything from working with the campus’ solar farm or participating in the Physics Olympics to designing landscapes. A special one-week Service and Learning Term held every other year offers a wide range of opportunities as well. 

Passionate Teachers Inspire Success

The faculty and staff at Hillcrest Academy are passionate about helping students thrive. With a 1:5 teacher-to-student ratio and classroom culture that encourages questions and collaboration,  students can more easily reach academic goals. 

A Christ-Centered Education

Our mission to provide a Christ-centered education means that Hillcrest nurtures the whole person in a supportive community. Our academic philosophy is designed to produce informed citizens who are equipped to use their talents and faith to become leaders in discipleship, peacemaking, and service. 

Visit a Classroom

Want to see what Hillcrest academics are like in person? Visit us on a school day when you can attend class, walk the halls, and meet faculty and students. You can sign up for an official Visit Day or sign up for a personalized visit on a day that fits your schedule. If you have questions about any upcoming events or want to arrange a personalized visit, please contact Rebecca at 319-656-2073 or rbeachymiller@hillcrestravens.org.

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