An Inspiring Christian High School

An Inspiring Christian High School

Christian high school students are inspired by a robust program.

High school is a time of tremendous growth. Students take huge leaps in independence, dive deeper into special interests, form life-changing relationships, and often start claiming their faith as their own. 

A Model that Helps Students Thrive

Our school is designed to help students thrive during these critical years. We partner with families in the Iowa City, Washington, and Kalona areas to offer a faith-based education rooted in Jesus Christ, robust academics, a variety of extracurricular activities, and a culture of compassion.

Faith that Leads

Starting a new Christian high school can seem daunting to any teen. You can rest assured that the culture at Hillcrest Academy means students will feel welcome, included, and safe. The Biblical principles we teach apply to more than what our students learn in the classroom; they inform how our students, teachers, faculty, and families engage with one another and our community. From small groups and daily chapels to special service and learning terms, students are immersed in the teachings of the Christian faith. 

While Hillcrest Academy was founded in 1945 by Mennonites, we welcome students of all denominations. Today’s student body represents 21 churches from 6 denominations. 

Academics that Inspire

Hillcrest students are prepared for college, careers, and beyond with challenging academics. A wide range of classes allow students to pursue special interests and select from a variety of AP courses. Our students consistently rank above state and national averages on Iowa Assessment and ACT scores. 

An Investment Yielding Lifelong Returns

Parents affirm our belief that the value of a Hillcrest Academy education far exceeds the cost. Beyond the high college acceptance rate, the unique culture at Hillcrest also means students are able to tap into a supportive network of friends, faculty, coaches, and alumni.

Variable tuition makes a Hillcrest Academy education affordable, and no student pays the full cost of a Hillcrest education. Tuition is based on your family’s income and individual circumstances. 

See How Hillcrest Can Help Your Teen Thrive

Come see the Hillcrest Academy culture in action. Join us for an upcoming visit day or arrange a personal tour by contacting Rebecca Beachy Miller at 319-656-2073 x20 or


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