Connecting with God: Chapel March 21-25

Connecting with God: Chapel March 21-25

We had a variety of events this week for our chapel times. Much of this week had to do with Connecting with God as we are in this season of Lent. 

On Monday, we introduced the workshops that we will do on Thursday and Friday. Each workshop will be led by a teacher and will feature different practices that can be utilized to connect with God. Music, prayer, reading, silence, nature, scripture, all are tools that can help us in our relationship with God. Then the rest of the time was spent learning about Jason Potsander, an alumnus of Hillcrest Academy who will speak with us in April.

Tuesday’s chapel time was spent in small groups. Students were given the opportunity to sign up for the workshops for Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday, we were privileged to have Karen Martens Zimmerly with us. Karen is one of the pastors at First Mennonite Church in Iowa City. She encouraged us to consider what kind of king Jesus is and what kind of citizens of that kingdom we can be.

Then on Thursday and Friday, we spent time in the workshops to learn a variety of practices that can be used to connect with God.