Hillcrest Academy Middle School

Hillcrest Academy Middle School

For years, there has been discussion at Hillcrest Academy around grade expansion beyond high school. We are excited about this big step in the history of our school, as you can see from this infographic. More than 75 years after our founding, we are still building towards a bright future for our school. We feel good about the process so far and are thankful for your prayers as we ask God to lead us forward.

The middle school of Hillcrest Academy seeks to share the love of Jesus in a collaborative, joyful learning environment where all students are known and loved. Through a variety of rigorous learning experiences, students will grow their self-confidence, express themselves and experience a deep sense of belonging.

middle school purpose statement

We are starting a Middle School in 2023-24 and here is WHAT WE KNOW.

  • The middle school will be rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Anabaptist view of Christian faith.
  • Sixth grade students will learn in a mostly self-contained classroom with a devoted teacher(s), in a designated part of the building with purposeful interactions with high schoolers throughout the school year.
  • The teacher(s)* will use learner-centered curricula as a resource to spark student interest and guide rigorous inquiry.
  • The teacher(s)* will design a classroom environment with learners at the core, inviting students to be active participants in the learning process. *see job post
  • There will be a focus on ensuring that all students feel known and loved.
  • Mental, social, and emotional health will be a priority.
  • Learning will be experiential, with hands-on opportunities as a focus.
  • Students will develop their critical-thinking and self-reflection skills.
  • Students will have the chance to express their learning and ideas in ways that are meaningful to them.
  • Academic content will be taught alongside crucial life skills like critical thinking, synthesis of multiple kinds of resources, and creativity.
  • The outdoor campus will be used for learning with students getting outside often during the school day.
  • The middle school will be accredited.
  • We will add 7th and 8th grades in following years for those students to continue.
  • There will not be any additional investment from our supporting churches.

Middle School Inquiry Form

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If you’d like to see all the dedicated people who are working hard in the planning stages read more here. And if you have any questions feel free to email middleschool@hillcrestravens.org.

Updated November 17, 2022