‘Hillcrest’ by Kara Schlabaugh

‘Hillcrest’ by Kara Schlabaugh

Kara Lynn Schlabaugh ‘11 began painting during her undergrad at Drake University, when in 2013 she studied abroad in Florence, Italy. This is where she took her first formal painting course and what started out as a fun course to take while living abroad, turned into a longer journey to create and sell her work. Returning home to Iowa, she gained a greater appreciation for the beautiful land she grew up around; lots of farms, simple living, things she took for granted. With this now as the center of her inspiration, she paints primarily Midwestern landscapes in a modern and minimalistic style. She said, “People forget about Iowa, but it has some beautiful landscapes—those big skies and fields. It’ll hit me most when I’m driving. That’s when I see a lot of my inspiration. My paintings are pulling from those memories.” While Graphic Design became her full time profession, painting has continued to be another creative outlet for her and she says she’s fortunate to have a community that values and supports her work. Kara says, “I am excited to dedicate a large-scale painting to the school and offer limited edition prints for the community to purchase. The proceeds will benefit the school as they celebrate their 75 year anniversary.” Kara‘s painting titled, “Hillcrest” is on permanent display outside Celebration Hall, but everyone can have a copy of their own hanging in their home.

Various sizes and signed, limited edition prints of the commissioned painting are being offered. Use the button below to order. Shipping is available. Orders will be taken through November 1. 

Don’t miss your chance to take home not only a wonderful piece of art, but a meaningful and visual part of school’s history.

Questions? Or if you’d like to have a local contact who will work with you to frame your print, contact the Office of Advancement

And read more about Kara and her other projects HERE