Mason Jack Swartzendruber

CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS: Ultimate Frisbee (10)*, Rock Climbing/Rappelling/Ice-climbing: (10, 11)* Praise Band (12) SPORTS: Soccer (12) *USCO

Parents: Marshall and Brynn Swartzendruber

Post Hillcrest Academy plans: Kirkwood Community College, Electrical Apprenticeship

Hobbies/interests: cinematic/freestyle drone flying, mountain biking, drumming, skateboarding, snowboarding, photography, gaming, soccer, painting, 3D printing, welding

Favorite Bible verse or story: Matthew 10:34

What 3 words describe you: intentional, inquisitive, passionate

Talk about your Hillcrest experience and give words of wisdom to the underclassmen: My experience at Hillcrest Academy has been very similar to that of my old school, USCO. The students are very friendly and welcoming. Still, like any group of people, they are not perfect all the time and that’s okay! It has been a very easy transition moving from Colorado to Hillcrest because of the similarity in schools. Being one of just five seniors has been an interesting dynamic but a very rewarding one at times. The classroom discussions are much deeper and more meaningful as a result of the smaller classes. I personally think that the blend of academics and faith has been the most meaningful part of my experience at Hillcrest. From the conversations I had in homeroom, to the motivational prayers I heard in soccer huddles, faith (more specifically Jesus) has been a part of it all. My words of wisdom to the underclassman would be this, “Mistakes are the single most essential part of learning, they teach you what and what not to do. You’re going to make mistakes, but it’s what you do in response to them that matters the most. Will you give up and accept things as they are? Or will you move forward and try to do your best? Your greatest success will always be right outside of your comfort zone, so do hard things and try not to worry about the mistakes that might be made along the way!”