Mariam Sow

CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS: Compassion Club (1) FINE ARTS: Spring Drama (1)

Parents: Host parents, Holly and John Blosser Yoder

Post Hillcrest Academy plans: Return to Mali, studying Political Science and International Development

Hobbies/interests: Shopping, having deep discussions with people, hanging out with friends

What 3 words describe you: Extrovert, Sensitive, Kind

Talk about your Hillcrest experience and give words of wisdom to the underclassmen: As a Muslim from a 99% Muslim country (Mali), coming to a Christian school may look weird or hard, and that’s what I thought before coming here. But in contrast to that, Hillcrest was a really nice place to study while in the US. People were really kind and teachers were attentive. I learned a lot, I had fun and made memories that I will definitely never forget. This school impacted me a lot. I grew up and learned about other faith perspectives other than my own. My words of wisdom to underclassmen is to be courageous because our time in school goes fast and sometimes we just focused on the ‘bad parts’ of things forgetting the good parts.