Amazon Wish Lists for Middle School

Amazon Wish Lists for Middle School

As we prepare for welcoming 6th grade students onto our campus next year, we continue to do the necessary things needed to make their experience what it should be.

Next year we will keep the current space, only we’ll be adding middle school appropriate books. That’s where you come in! This is your opportunity to help us equip our middle school students by purchasing books for their new library space along with many other things they will use in their classrooms. 

We have two Amazon Wish Lists set up which you can use to help support our middle school. They are sort of like a bridal or baby registry. You can make your purchase and everything will get delivered to the school. It’s that easy! You can find the links to both lists on our website. Thanks for taking the time to check them out! 

Amazon Book Wish List

Amazon Equipment & Supplies Wish List