Parable of the persistent widow: Chapels April 24-28

Parable of the persistent widow: Chapels April 24-28

Our chapels this week were shaped by the parable of the persistent widow found in Luke 18:1-8. 

On Monday, we explored the story by reading through Luke 18:1-8 in our small groups and responding to discussion questions. 

With Tuesday being a planned late start, our next chapel was on Wednesday. In response to Jesus’ call through the parable to pray and not give up, we gathered in three different prayer circles led by Sierra Cheney, Andrea Farrier, and Lee Ebersole. Persons volunteered to be in the center of the circle to be prayed for on behalf of themselves or someone else. 

Thursday’s chapel featured Samantha Bender, the mother of senior Grant and sophomore Mason. Samantha shared her story of coming to follow Jesus and how she, like the widow in the parable, is persistent in pursing Jesus.

We wrapped up our chapel week and the month of April with a hymn sing in the Celebration Hall foyer. The songs were chosen according to the theme of prayer.