Parable of the Yeast in the Bread: Chapel Jan. 16-20

Parable of the Yeast in the Bread: Chapel Jan. 16-20

Sophomore Erin Bontrager and freshman Niva Helmuth lead worship as part of the Praise Band

Our chapels this week were guided by the parable of the yeast in the bread from Matthew 13:33. 

Since Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr day, we had a revised schedule so that we could watch the documentary “I Am Martin Luther King, Jr.” 

Tuesday was a planned late start so we did not have our chapel time.

We were privileged to host Josh Lundberg on Wednesday as our chapel speaker. Josh is pastor at Kalona Mennonite Church and is a Hillcrest board member. He spoke of how the kingdom of God functions in small but mighty ways as the yeast in the bread.

On Thursday, Art teacher Bryn Hovde shared pictures of various kinds of bread from cultures represented in our Hillcrest community. He then led us in thinking about the “small” things that we can do which can have a negative or positive impact on the lives of others around us. We were encouraged to commit ourselves to one way of bringing life to others.

We wrapped up our chapel week with worship through song led by the Hillcrest Academy Praise Band.