Connecting with God: Chapel Oct. 31-Nov. 4

Connecting with God: Chapel Oct. 31-Nov. 4

We continued our chapel life this week with a variety of activities.

On Monday, we celebrated All Saints Day, a time of remembering and honoring the people in our lives who have been influential in helping us in our relationship with God. Sophomore Malinee Mezhir shared about her Dad who passed away from cancer. Each of us had the opportunity to light a candle in honor of a “saint” in our lives. Senior Rebecca Farrier sang the song Find us Faithful, accompanied by music teacher Kyle Coleman.

Tuesday’s chapel time was spent in small groups. We were encouraged to share about significant people in our lives. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, students attended teacher-led workshops on various ways of connecting with God. The ways to connect with God were demonstrated included silence, scripture, music, and different ways of praying. Students attended a different workshop each day.

Friday’s chapel was a hymn sing in the Celebration Hall foyer.