Clergy Appreciation & Red Ribbon Week: Chapel Oct. 17-28

Clergy Appreciation & Red Ribbon Week: Chapel Oct. 17-28

Over these last two weeks, we’ve had a variety of emphases in our chapel life. While most of the time, we are guided by a specific scripture, these weeks featured various activities.

On Monday, October 17, we had the opportunity to write affirmation notes. We first were encouraged to write a note of appreciation to our pastors. Then we wrote notes of affirmation to others here at Hillcrest.

We spent our chapel time on Tuesday in our small groups.

Wednesday featured several visiting pastors from the area for our annual clergy appreciation day. A video produced by senior Hannah Chalupa was viewed which had interviews with a variety of students about their pastors. We then had each pastor introduce themselves and share one of their favorite things about pastoring. The chapel time was closed with a prayer of blessing for our pastors.

On Thursday, we heard from guidance counselor Leanne Bender and maintenance director Don Patterson about their spiritual journeys. Each shared significant steps along the way that have guided them to where they are today.

Friday’s chapel featured the Hillcrest Concert choir preview of their upcoming concert on Sunday.

On Monday, October 24, our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) arranged for a team from the University of Iowa to come to talk about distracted driving during Red Ribbon Week. Each student through the day was given the opportunity to participate in a driving simulation which measured the stopping distance in various road conditions. 

There was no chapel on Tuesday because of a planned late start.

Wednesday’s chapel continued the Red Ribbon Week. The Hillcrest PTO invited Tony Widdel to speak. Tony is lead pastor at Citypoint Church in Washington, IA. He shared with us how we all need people in our lives to help us overcome those things in our lives which are not a part of God’s goodness for us.

Tony Widdel shares in chapel

On Thursday, we heard from two staff members about their spiritual journeys. Dwight Gingerich, principal and Jeremy Ours both shared significant milestones in their lives which shaped and guided their walk with God today.

Friday’s chapel was preparation for our Connecting with God workshops that we will have next Wednesday and Thursday. Each teacher who will be leading a workshop described what will happen and how it will be conducted. Then students had the opportunity to sign up for their preferences.