Art Gallery Feature: Kimberlee Rocca

Art Gallery Feature: Kimberlee Rocca

Born in New Jersey and raised in Iowa, Kimberlee Rocca studied Design, Printmaking, and Fiber Arts at The University of Iowa before earning her BFA in Metal Smithing in 1991.

During her studies, Rocca was introduced to Foil Imaging, a unique process which combines traditional printmaking techniques with commercial foil printing processes. She has spent over 30 years exploring this incredibly lustrous medium.

Photo courtesy of Kimberlee Rocca

“I have transitioned to a collection of Wall Sculptures. It is a culmination of years of creative exploration,keeping bits and pieces and discarding others. But, since I can’t bear to throw things away, I recycle it all into reimagined works of art. The Wall Sculptures are a rugged collaboration of my random and intentional thoughts and acts over the course of my life. I have a visual language that keeps bubbling to the surface, like a reoccurring dream. Every aspect gets to be explored, unwrapped and reconstructed to make sense of it all.

On exhibition are pieces of Rocca’s creative journey from 2-dimensional foil and mixed media works into a world of wall sculpture reliefs and 3-Dimensional free-standing sculptures. The inspirational word for this year is “Pivot”. Each exhibition includes an interactive component, presentation and discussion about her world of creativity and love of hands-on exploration with encouraged participation from visitors. “Every time I see works of art I am intrigued by the process and want to do the forbidden, touch the work. I am energized by interactions with the materials and processes, which fuels my creative expression. I want people of all ages to experience that energy, even if it’s in a small way, by touching, arranging and exploring my work with their hands.”

In addition to her studio work she is locally recognized for her custom home designs in the Iowa City area with unique architectural features, sculptural elements and mosaic installations. Married with 4 beautiful children she currently resides in Solon, Iowa USA.

Kimberlee’s work will be featured in the gallery through December with a reception happening sometime this fall.