Counting the Cost: Chapel Sept. 26-30

Counting the Cost: Chapel Sept. 26-30

The parable of Jesus that guided our chapels this week was the parable of Counting the Cost from Luke 14:27-33. 

Monday’s chapel was a time of introducing the Serving and Learning Term (SALT) week that we will have next March. We discussed what SALT is, what our goals are with it, and the types of groups that will be offered. Then we had students give ideas of the kind of work that groups could do. 

We continued soliciting ideas from students during our small group time for chapel on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we read through the Luke passage for this week. After taking some time to individually respond to the scripture, we got into our homeroom groups to respond to discussion questions. 

Thursday’s chapel featured a video from the Voices of the Martyrs-Canada which told the story of Kelly Saenz. Kelly’s husband was killed in Columbia for taking the gospel of Jesus into areas that were known to be hostile toward Christianity. Kelly continues the work her husband was doing in Columbia.

On Friday, we heard from Andrea Farrier, English teacher and Nate Miller, math teacher about how they counted the cost of following Jesus. Mike Shapovalov then shared about how he is helping to supply the needs of people in Ukraine who are suffering from the war.