The Great Banquet: Chapel Sept. 19-23

The Great Banquet: Chapel Sept. 19-23

The parable of the Great Banquet from Luke 14:16-24 guided our chapel theme for this week along with other emphases. 

On Monday, the Mennonite college representatives from Goshen College, Bethel College, and Hesston College shared what five Mennonite colleges have to offer in a post-high educational experience. We then played a Jeopardy game which also included information about Bluffton College and Eastern Mennonite University.  

Tuesday was a planned late start so we did not have chapel.

On Wednesday, we explored how Jesus used parables in his teachings through the Bible Project video, and then we looked at the parable of the Great Banquet. After reading the parable, we discussed it in our small group settings and shared our observations and takeaways on a common document.

Thursday’s chapel was a followup from the day before as groups prepared a skit to illustrate one of the takeaways from the day before. After several groups presented, we were cut short by the bell.

We wrapped up our chapel week with the Hillcrest Praise Band leading in a chapel time of worship through singing.