Sustaining JOY: Chapel Aug. 23 – Sept. 2

Sustaining JOY: Chapel Aug. 23 – Sept. 2

We kicked off our chapel year with the theme of “JOY”. Having joy is not the same as being happy, although there can be an overlap. Happiness is often determined by our circumstances, but the joy that we are emphasizing is the kind of joy that sustains us throughout all of life situations.

Many of our chapel services at the beginning of the year work with some logistical aspects of our year together. Our first day was an introduction to the theme of the year and to our chapel committee. 

On Wednesday, we heard about our small group system at Hillcrest and listened to a few students talk about past experiences with their small groups. Students then had a chance to sign up for their preferences of small group leaders.

Thursday’s chapel was an introduction to our new faculty and staff. Kyle Coleman, Nate Miller, and Don Patterson shared about themselves in response to questions posed by Lee Ebersole.

On Friday, we discussed how we expect students to participate in chapel. Students were given opportunities to indicate how they might want to be involved in chapels.

Monday’s chapel time was our first time with our small groups. We were encouraged to get to know each other in that setting.

On Tuesday, Jamie Larson from Grant Wood led us in how we develop a positive school culture where all can thrive. Students participated in a survey. The results of the survey will be used in the future.

Wednesday was our all school retreat at Crooked Creek Christian Camp. Our chapel time provided the opportunity for all to explore the joy of God’s creation.

Thursday’s chapel time was spent in looking at a story of line of the Bible. Lee Ebersole, Bible teacher, led us in an activity focused on the timeline of the whole Bible and then briefly went through the timeline.

We wrapped up our chapel week with a hymn sing in the Celebration Hall foyer led by senior Rebecca Farrer and Lee Ebersole.