Jesus Does Miracles: Chapel March 28-April 1

Jesus Does Miracles: Chapel March 28-April 1

Our scripture for this week of chapels was John 6:1-24, the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and then Jesus walking on the water. 

On Monday, we had Dean Sain from Camp Lewtana in Lewistown, Montana. Dean talked with us a bit about the camp and then shared from the John 6 passage about the power of God to transform our situations. 

Tuesday’s chapel time was spent in small groups.

On Wednesday, we had one more time with our connecting with God activities that we did last week. Students chose from a list of teacher-led workshops to learn practices which can help us connect with God.

Thursday’s chapel featured Elmer Miller, pastor at Upper Deer Creek Mennonite Church. Pastor Elmer challenged us to live in the supernatural, participating in what God is doing and what God is calling us to do.

On Friday, we wrapped up our week of chapels by viewing a Ted and Lee video of their depiction of these stories from John 6. We then had a time of discussion about the scripture.