Ramos scores twice in Ravens season opener

Ramos scores twice in Ravens season opener

Freshman Diego Ramos passes his defender to score a goal against Tipton on Tuesday night. Title & Photo Credit: Jeff Yoder/The News

The Hillcrest soccer team opened its season at Tipton in wet, windy, cool and sloppy conditions. The play reflected the sloppy conditions as players sometimes struggled to maintain their footing, their positions and the team shape through the course of the match. 

In the opening half, Hillcrest put pressure on the Tipton goal despite going into the wind, earning three quick corner kicks, but failing to generate any strong shots on goal. With the wind at their back, Tipton used the breeze effectively creating more pressure on the defensive backline of Grant Bender, Mason Bender and Andrew Starr. Along with Seth Ours and Oscar Flores-Calix, much of the Tipton offense was stymied through the first half. 

Tipton opened the scoring with 12 minutes left in the half after a couple of defensive miscues in the midfield, which coupled with the muddy conditions made it difficult for goalie Aiden Krabill to make the save. The first half ended with Hillcrest creating pressure on the goal but coming away empty handed. 

As the second half opened, the wind began dying down, removing one potential advantage. Still Hillcrest equalized five minutes into the half as the Diego Ramos shot from outside the box skipped by the goalie who grabbed the ball, but failed to keep it from crossing the line. Tipton responded quickly, regaining the lead on a nice crossing ball one minute later. They extended their lead another goal after a bit of a pile up in front of the box saw a Tipton player emerge with the ball who quickly poked it into the goal.

Down by two goals, Hillcrest continued pushing forward. Jorge Canchola sent a ball forward to  Micah Gerber  who took the ball and beat a defender as he pushed into the box. The Tipton defender pulled Gerber to the ground, earning Hillcrest a penalty kick. Canchola calmly took the kick, putting it into the side netting with 14:45 showing on the clock. Hillcrest evened the score seven minutes later when Canchola beat a defender before slotting a pass to Ramos who turned the ball into the net. 

Tipton scored the winning goal after earning a corner with five minutes left in the half. After the ball went into the net, the side judge and center official conferred, debating whether the Hillcrest goalie had been obstructed, whether the Tipton player was in an offside position, or whether he had handled the ball as he directed it into the net. Without the benefit of VAR or instant replay, the officials let the goal count. Despite a valiant effort to create another scoring chance, the overall conditions made it difficult to mount a sustained attack as the minutes ticked off the clock.

Hillcrest 3, Tipton 4

Hillcrest travels to conference foe Highland Thursday. Friday, Iowa City Regina travels to Hillcrest for the first home match at Hillcrest this year.