Take Jesus at His Word: Chapel Feb. 21-25

Take Jesus at His Word: Chapel Feb. 21-25

Junior Rebecca Farrier

Our scripture that guided most of our chapels this week was John 4:46-54. The theme was “Take Jesus at his Word”, based on the response of the Roman official in the story to Jesus’ assurance that the man’s son would live

On Monday, we read through the scripture and watched a video clip which featured this story. Then Spanish teacher Sierra Cheney and junior Rebecca Farrier talked through their responses to the story as a model for a way to process the scripture that was read.

On Tuesday there was a planned late start so there was no chapel time.

Wednesday’s chapel featured English teacher Andrea Farrier sharing personal experiences from her life that have influenced her faith and relationship with God. Miracles still happen today, and the greatest miracle is the gift of salvation 

Thursday’s chapel time was hearing from Sierra about the miraculous change that happened for an acquaintance of hers. 

The Hillcrest Academy FFA chapter concluded our week with an informational Kahoot about the role of agriculture in Iowa, the US, and the world.