By Kyleigh Dolan, The Reflector (February 2022)

As Dory says, “Just keep swimming!” senior, Gabe Bruns and sophomore, Julia Ortiz-Luna take this advice very seriously!

Gabe has been a teammate on the West High swim team since his freshman year. Before he joined the high school team, he swam on the Washington YMCA Water Sharks for many years. His swim season started in November and ended in the middle of January. He has enjoyed every second of his time on the team, but Gabe’s favorite part was the bus rides home after meets.

This year Gabe swam in a variety of events – 500 Yard Freestyle (20 laps), 200 Yard Freestyle (8 Laps), 100 Yard Freestyle (4 laps), 50 Yard Freestyle (2 laps), and 200 IM (2 laps of each stroke: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle).

Julia Ortiz-Luna has been a member of the West High girls swim team for the last two years. Her season started two weeks before school and ended in November. She loves being part of the team, and her favorite thing about it is meeting new people. This year she swam the 100 Yard Freestyle (4 laps) and 50 Yard Freestyle (2 laps).