Affording Private School: Three Things Every Applicant Should Know

Affording Private School: Three Things Every Applicant Should Know

Families start exploring private schools for many different reasons. Some are looking for stronger academics, some want smaller class sizes, and others may need a change for their child’s social or emotional health. While each family’s needs and desires are unique, there is usually one common deterrent: cost. It’s easy for parents to see the sticker price of tuition and think “there’s no way we can add such a significant line item to our family’s budget.”

At Hillcrest Academy in Kalona, Iowa, nothing brings us more joy than showing a family how a quality, private education is actually within their means. Start by exploring all we have to offer your teen by downloading our Family Info Packet.

“As a single mom, I was overwhelmed with and thankful for the generous financial aid package that was offered. It exceeded my expectations.”

Michelle Danker, parent of two hillcrest academy students

If you’re considering a private school for your child, here are three things to know about affordability:

Families of all income levels can qualify for tuition assistance.

Many families assume that they make too much money to apply for tuition assistance. The reality is families of all income levels can qualify for reduced tuition. This is because we look at the total financial picture — not only your income, but your financial commitments, debts, and other aspects of your budget, to determine whether we can help offset your tuition costs. 

Fun fact: 73% of Hillcrest students apply for and receive financial aid.

Variable tuition creates opportunities for all.

Variable tuition essentially means tuition is on a sliding scale. It’s not a one-size-fits-all number; it’s a range that allows us to open our doors to as many families as possible. At Hillcrest Academy, that range is $3,700 to $9,735 per year. A school that values access and accessibility fosters a more diverse, inclusive community where students feel a sense of belonging.

Another fun fact: On average, a student who applies for variable tuition at Hillcrest Academy receives a deduction of $4,891/year.

Your tuition investment will pay off long after graduation day.

You know who your child is and what he or she needs today. Investing in private education can surely meet those needs, but it’s about so much more — it’s about who your son or daughter will become. You’ve guided them and developed their character for many years, but their environment, especially during high school, certainly plays a role in their development as a young adult. When you invest in Hillcrest Academy, you’re not just paying for education — you’re giving your child caring mentors, positive friendships, opportunities to discover their God-given talents, and academic support to thrive in college and beyond. 

Final fun fact: Hillcrest will work with your family individually to make tuition as affordable as possible. In addition to variable tuition, we can discuss using a 529 toward your child’s high school education, other available discounts, or a payment plan. 

Ready to start the conversation?

We’re here to help! Contact our admissions specialist, Rebecca Beachy Miller via email or by calling (319) 656-2073 x20. We look forward to answering any questions you might have and guiding you through the process of applying for variable tuition.