Entering the Kingdom of God: Chapel January 17-21

Entering the Kingdom of God: Chapel January 17-21

Our chapel emphasis this week was influenced by the passage of John 3:1-21. Along with this focus, on Monday, January 17, we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr day by watching the movie “Hidden Figures”. The movie was based on historical events during the 1960s space race between Russia and the USA. This was the story of three African American women who played key roles in the success that NASA had in sending John Glenn into space.

On Tuesday, we spent our chapel time in small groups. Groups were encouraged to discuss the movie “Hidden Figures.”

Wednesday’s chapel utilized a clip from “The Chosen” series to help us engage with the scripture of John 3. The clip featured the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus about the kingdom of God and being born again in order to enter the kingdom.

The Hillcrest Academy Praise Band led our chapel on Thursday.

Friday’s chapel featured Spanish teacher Sierra Cheney telling a story of how God used this story to reach a person in the Middle East.