Jesus as Son of Man: Chapel Nov. 8-12

Jesus as Son of Man: Chapel Nov. 8-12

This week of chapels was primarily focused on John 1:50-51 where Jesus is identified as “Son of Man”.

On Monday, art instructor Bryn Hovde led us in thinking about what the term “Son of Man” would have meant in the time of Jesus. We viewed 2 video clips, and then Bryn led us in the song “Ancient of Days”.

Tuesday’s chapel time was spent in small groups for fellowship and discussing our chapel themes.

Wednesday’s chapel was a follow up of the story of how Nathanael was transformed by his encounter with Jesus. We were encouraged to think of a time that we encountered Jesus and were changed in some way. Then we wrote down a brief description of that encounter on a strip of paper. The strips of paper were then linked together to form a chain to illustrate the variety of ways Jesus is transforming us.

On Thursday, Hugh Smith from Voices of the Martyrs Ministry was with us. Hugh shared with us some stories of persons in a variety of places in the world who suffered for their faith in Jesus.

Friday’s chapel featured Michele Hershberger, Bible and Youth Ministry professor at Hesston College. Michele shared with us about the connection between Jesus referring to himself as the “Son of Man” and the story of Jacob’s dream from Genesis 28. Jesus is the connector of people to God and then we who follow Jesus carry on the mission of connecting people to Jesus.