Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph: Chapel Oct. 18-22

Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph: Chapel Oct. 18-22

Our chapels this week were based on John 1:43-46 and the description of Jesus as “Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph”.

On Monday, Spanish teacher Sierra Cheney led us in exploring the scripture through reading it, having a few comments about it, and then breaking into small groups to respond to discussion questions.

Tuesday’s chapel time was spent in our small group settings to have times of fellowship and further discuss topics that have been presented in the chapel setting.

On Wednesday, we were privileged to host several pastors from area churches for Clergy Appreciation Day. A video that senior Evelyn Gerber developed was shown of students talking about their pastors. We then heard from each pastor about how they became pastors and what part of pastoring is the most enjoyable. 

On Thursday, we had a sneak preview of our fall concert coming up on Sunday. The Intro to Music class led by Shawn Sandersfeld performed two songs, the choir led by Donna Swartzendruber sang two songs, and the Praise Band led by Lee Ebersole sang one song. 

Friday’s chapel returned to the scripture that we began the week with to explore more about the calling of Jesus’ disciples as described in John 1. We viewed a clip of the video series “The Chosen” in which Philip told his brother Nathanael to “come and see” when discussing following Jesus. We then discussed in our small groups what that might look like in today’s context.