Jesus as Messiah: Chapel Oct. 11-15

Jesus as Messiah: Chapel Oct. 11-15

Our chapels this week were based on John 1:40-42 in which Jesus is referred to as the Messiah. 

On Monday, we explored the meaning and the basis of the term Messiah by watching a Bible Project video. Then junior Rebecca Farrier discussed the references in the Old Testament to the coming Messiah and how Jesus fulfilled those prophecies.

Tuesday’s chapel time was spent in small groups.

On Wednesday, Pastor Aaron Fleming from New Life Church in Wellman, IA shared with us some thoughts on the John 1 passage. Jesus as Messiah not only sees us as we are but also sees us as we can be.

Thursday’s chapel consisted of hearing from Evelyn, Noah, Hannah, and Dwight.  They each shared what the Messiah meant to them.  We then broke into groups (those we were sitting next to) to share how each of us interprets and encounters the Messiah – how is he relevant to each of us today?

On Friday, we were privileged to have with us Tony Brown from Hesston College. Tony shared some songs with us and talked about how he brought knowledge and insights to his family as he gained more education.  He relayed experiences of racism he experienced in his youth.  He talked about the need for society to be more accepting of minorities.