Jesus as Teacher: Chapel Oct. 4 – 8

Jesus as Teacher: Chapel Oct. 4 – 8

For the week of October 4-8, our scripture was John 1:35-39. From this scripture, we drew out the theme of Jesus as Rabbi or Teacher.

On Monday, Jacob Kirkwood from Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA. Jacob shared with us about the resources we have as followers of Jesus to live out the calling that God has for us.

We had no chapel time on Tuesday since there was a planned late start for teacher inservice.

Wednesday’s chapel consisted of working with the scripture for the week, John 1:35-39. After reading it in 2 different translations, we met in our small groups to respond to discussion questions based on the scripture.

On Thursday, we heard from senior Julia Boller, junior Josiah Beachy, and Spanish teacher Sierra Cheney about persons who have been examples to them and taught them by their lives and examples.

Friday’s chapel featured Pastor Andrew Lundstrom, pastor at First Baptist Church in Wellman, IA. Pastor Andrew shared with us examples of people who have influenced him and how that led him to follow Jesus.