“Finding the Flow” by Anet Gingerich

“Finding the Flow” by Anet Gingerich

This semester the Hillcrest Art Gallery will display “Finding the Flow” featuring the work of Anet Gingerich (’07).  Anet’s work primarily draws from her extensive travels to Guam, Saipan, Costa Rica, Bahamas, and her artist residency in Baltimore. She engages in the art-making process as a way to find sacred patterns from out of life’s chaos.  Her show primarily contains watercolors of serene sea life as well as organic bone formations.

Artist Bio

Anet is a 2007 IMS graduate.  She was born in Haiti.  She loves animals, traveling, and exploring creation – especially underwater.  A few places that she has visited that have inspired her artwork are Guam, Saipan, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and Baltimore.  She was an artist in residence in Baltimore where she produced the achromatic bone paintings.

Artist Statement

“Artmaking is how I slow down to focus and find patterns existing in the physical world – like how water moves or bones develop – a meditation on sacred geometry within chaos.  What is life?  The images here are just part of my  note making, sketches, ruminations of creation, mapmaking of movement, finding of flow, sharing the serenity and stillness of the sea.” I invite you to adopt an artwork and make a donation to the school.

Anet’s work will be on display in the Hillcrest Academy art gallery throughout the fall semester.