Chapels focus on titles given to Jesus: Sep 22 – Oct. 1

Chapels focus on titles given to Jesus: Sep 22 – Oct. 1

Over the last two weeks in our chapels, we have been looking at the different aspects or titles ascribed to Jesus from John chapter 1 along with some other chapel emphases sprinkled in.

On Monday, September 22, there were representatives from the Mennonite colleges here. They share a chapel time about the features of Mennonite colleges through a Jeopardy style game. 

With the planned late start for teacher inservice on Tuesday, there was no chapel.

Wednesday began our emphasis on Jesus as the Lamb of God as John the Baptist referred to Jesus in John 1:29-31. Junior Rebecca Farrier shared with us the significance of Jesus as the sacrificial lamb of God from the background of the Old Testament. 

Thursday’s chapel featured Bryn Hovde, art teacher, who shared a song and artwork that illustrated Jesus as the Lamb of God. The artwork was by Jan Van Eyk called the Ghent Altarpiece.

On Friday, the Hillcrest Academy Praise Band led in worship through song.

Monday, September 27 concluded the emphasis on Jesus as Lamb of God. We sang a song together led by Bryn Hovde. Then senior Julia Boller shared a couple stories of sacrifice. One was about the early Anabaptist martyr Dirk Willems who gave up his freedom to save an enemy from drowning. The other was about her grandparents who gave a period of time in their lives in 1-W service, a provision by the government for conscientious objectors during the Viet Nam war.

On Tuesday, we gathered in small groups for our chapel time.

Wednesday began another aspect of Jesus from John 1:32-34; Jesus as the Son of God. The setting was Jesus’ baptism by John when Jesus was affirmed as the Son of God. After reading the scripture, we responded to some discussion questions in our small groups.

On Thursday, we heard stories from senior Eveyln Gerber, junior Grant Bender, and English teacher Bryan Neuschwander. They shared about their baptism experiences and how that was affirming to them in their faith journey.

We wrapped our chapel week on Friday with the fall edition of affirmation notes. We took time to pause and write notes of appreciation and affirmation to other people in our Hillcrest community. The notes were then distributed by the end of the school day.