Finding our Identity in Christ: Chapel Sept. 13-17

Finding our Identity in Christ: Chapel Sept. 13-17

For this week of chapels at Hillcrest Academy, we were focused on John 1:19-28 when John the Baptizer was questioned about his identity. Our emphasis for the theme was on discovering and living out our identity in Christ.

On Monday, we read through John 1:19-28 and heard some reflections on true and false identity from Sierra Cheney, Spanish teacher. A clip from the movie, “Overcomer” was used to stir our thoughts about the question, “Who are you?” In our small groups, we discussed the question of why it’s important to have a good sense of identity about ourselves.

On Tuesday, we met in small groups for chapel. Groups were encouraged to discuss questions about identity that were provided.

Sierra led Wednesday’s chapel by sharing what groups discussed on Monday and then sharing some examples from her life about how her sense of identity changed as she encountered Jesus in new ways.

On Thursday, Sierra led a prayer practice that helped persons imagine being with Jesus and hearing what Jesus has to say about who we truly are.

Friday’s chapel wrapped this week on the theme of Identity by giving persons the opportunity to share in a small group what they heard and experienced in the prayer practice on Thursday. A handout was given that listed many scripture verses that talk of who we are in Christ.