Jesus Revealed: Chapel Aug. 30 – Sept. 3

Jesus Revealed: Chapel Aug. 30 – Sept. 3

For our chapel life the last 2 weeks, much of our focus has been on John 1:1-17. The gospel writer introduces Jesus to his readers as the Word, True Light, Creator, who is full of grace and truth and dwelt among people for a while.

On Monday, we read through John 1:1-17 and talked of the variety of ways it revealed who Jesus is. We then discussed these ways in our homerooms.

Tuesday’s chapel was in the small group setting. This was our first meeting in our small groups, and the groups spent some time getting to know each other in that setting.

Wednesday was our all school retreat at Crooked Creek Christian Camp. Our chapel time was spent under the large oak tree where many persons have gathered over the years at Crooked Creek. With the oak tree as our backdrop, Lee Ebersole, chapel coordinator, talked about the identity of a tree and how we can learn about our identity in Christ. Where that identity in Christ intersects with the needs of the world is where we are called to be by our Creator.

On Thursday, we continued our conversations in homeroom groups that we began on Monday about the John 1:1-17 passage. Then each group shared with everyone what was discussed in their group.

Friday’s chapel featured English teacher Andrea Farrier discussing what Jesus being the Word meant to the Jewish audience of John as well as the Greek audience. The Jewish audience would have connected the Word with Yahweh, and the Greek audience would have connected it with the sense of a higher power that created the world. John brings these concepts together in the person of Jesus. We closed by listening to the recording of “Word of God, Speak”.

There was no school on Monday for Labor Day. Tuesday’s chapel was spent in our small groups continuing the process of getting to know each other and fellowshipping together.

On Wednesday, Andrea continued with her discussion of Jesus as the Word. This means that God is real, God seeks a relationship with all, and that God has a plan for making that relationship possible through Jesus.

Thursday’s chapel featured Spanish teacher Sierra Cheney focusing on Jesus as the true Light that comes from God. That light enables us to discover our true identity as we have been created by God. 

We concluded our chapel week with a hymn sing in the Celebration Hall foyer. Lee Ebersole, Bible teacher and chapel coordinator, led us in singing several songs that emphasize Jesus as the light of the world.