Serving Others: Chapels May 3-7

Serving Others: Chapels May 3-7

Lynn Yoder’s SALT group shares about their experiences volunteering at Pleasantview Village and Crowded Closet. Pictured above are students Alex Canchola, Aiden Krabill, Grace Miller, Samantha Camarena and Taryn Leichty.

Our scripture that guided us this week for our chapels was Mark 10:35-45. In this scripture, two of Jesus’ disciples asked to serve on his left and right in his kingdom. This led Jesus to talk about what it means to be great in the kingdom of God – being the servant of all. Our emphasis this week had to do with serving others.

On Monday, we read through the scripture and then students wrote notes of encouragement to residents of Pleasantview Retirement Community.

Tuesday’s chapel was spent in small groups. Groups were encouraged to look into the scripture of the week.

We were privileged to have Martha Yoder with us on Wednesday for chapel. Martha is the grandmother of senior Elizabeth Slater. She shared about what it can look like to be a servant leader using the example of Jesus, Jimmy Carter and her friend, Anne Stuckey.

On Thursday and Friday, we heard from our Service and Learning Term (SALT) groups about their activities and experiences. This year our SALT groups stayed close to home and engaged in a variety of service and learning activities from yard cleanup, assisting in a controlled burn, sharing faith, working at Crowded Closet, participating in the FFA convention, to name a few.