The Rich man & Jesus: Chapel April 26-30

The Rich man & Jesus: Chapel April 26-30

Our week of chapels at Hillcrest Academy was guided by the scripture from Mark 10:17-31, the story of the rich young man that came to Jesus asking about eternal life.

On Monday, we read through the scripture and then viewed a video depiction of the story. We wrapped up our time with a Bible project video on generosity. Our challenge was to think of that which is hindering our relationship with God and to find ways of being generous to others.

We met in small groups for our chapel time on Tuesday. Groups were encouraged to continue to discuss and process the story from Mark 10.

Wednesday’s chapel featured a panel discussion of three people whose careers have to do with finances; Connie Ebersole (Bontrager Tax), Kent Blossom (Everence), and our business teacher, Angela Snakenberg. The panel responded to questions about our scripture from Mark and questions having to do with using our finances in ways that are consistent with Christian faith. Major takeaways were to use our wealth to further the kingdom of God and to be responsible with what God has blessed us by spending less than what we earn.

On Thursday, we discussed with our homeroom groups what we have been hearing and learning from the chapels that we’ve had this week.

Friday’s chapel wrapped up the week with a hymn sing in the Celebration Hall foyer.