Seeking Relationship with God: Chapels April 5-9

Seeking Relationship with God: Chapels April 5-9

Juniors Evelyn Gerber and Norah Yoder sing along in chapel

This week at Hillcrest Academy, our chapels mostly revolved around the scripture from Mark 8:27-38. This is when Jesus presents to his disciples for the first time in Mark that he is the Messiah. He went on to tell them the nature of being the Messiah and his expectations of those who would choose to follow him as a disciple.

We began our chapel week on Monday by having an Easter hymn sing led by senior Sarah Miller.

Tuesday’s chapel time was spent in our small groups. Groups were encouraged to discuss the section of our scripture that talks about followers of Jesus denying themselves and taking up their cross.

On Wednesday, the scripture was read in chapel and then a clip of a speaker, Dan Mohler, was viewed. The speaker encouraged his audience to seek God for the sake of relationship with God and not for personal gain or recognition. We then spent a few minutes in our home room groups responding to what was said in the clip.

Thursday’s chapel was part 2 of the clip of Dan Mohler. He described what it practically meant for him to selflessly love his wife, who went through a very difficult time. 

Our wrap-up day on Friday consisted of watching the video of Toby Mac’s song “Lose My Soul” and then gathering in our small groups for discussion of the song, the scripture, and what we heard from the speaker.