Feb. 22 – 26 Chapels: Outsider, Insider

Feb. 22 – 26 Chapels: Outsider, Insider

Social Studies teacher Marcus Miller reflects on the theme of “Outsider, Insider” during Wednesday’s chapel

This week’s chapels were based on the scripture from Mark 7:24-30, the story of Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman. The theme we drew from the story was “Outsider, Insider”.

On Monday, we introduced the theme by reading the story, seeing a clip from the movie “Jesus”, and watching a video produced by students. This video featured other students answering questions about being on the “inside” and being on the “outside”. 

Wednesday’s chapel featured faculty member Marcus Miller talking about his observations of Outsider, Insider through his travel experiences in Poland, China, the Middle East and other life experiences that he has had. He challenged us to think of ways of broadening our ways of thinking of those who are different from us.

On Thursday, Steven Jimenez ’17 spoke about his experiences and observations of being an outsider. Our identity needs to be as God’s children and not on how persons treat us. 

Friday’s chapel was led by the Hillcrest Praise Band with songs about how we are accepted and loved by God.