Garrett Lee Alan Dean Durflinger

Parents: Jason and Maria Durflinger

Post Hillcrest Academy plans: Employment

Hobbies/interests: Hanging out with family and friends, staying committed to any type of work I am given

Favorite Bible verse: Acts 20:35

What 3 words describe you?: Determined, Hard-Working, Ambitious

Talk about your Hillcrest experience and give words of wisdom to the underclassmen: My time at Hillcrest was definitely fun. I loved getting to experience a new school freshman year with great friendships with (almost too) many funny/cringey moments. Also it was crazy how many things that happened freshman year, too bad the school never took up my offer to have a reality TV show because our ratings would have been through the roof! Then sophomore year was a time where I ended up focusing on Tik-Tok more than most of my school work and created some pretty funny videos with friends and teachers. But as we all know, the coronavirus had us go online (which I loved). I definitely took advantage of online school, staying up until 5:00 AM each night (or morning) and getting up right before class started at 10:00 AM on Zoom. Then on the first day of junior year we got to come back to campus . . . with masks. To be honest I don’t even remember that much of junior year except some teachers left, there was a bunch of drama, and my Tik-Tok views were low. Senior year has definitely been one of the more fun years because I had more freedom and really didn’t care about much anymore, like grades, just accepting any grade I got without putting any effort in at all. Also I had a crazy job which always gave me something to talk about the next day. Advice I would give to underclassmen would be to not take school serious at all unless you want to be a doctor or something crazy like that.