Chapels focus on Jesus calling us to be his disciples

Chapels focus on Jesus calling us to be his disciples

The Hillcrest Praise Band leads the student body in singing

Chapel Report for September 21-October 2,2020

Our chapels over this time period were mostly guided by the accounts in the gospel of Mark chapters 1, 2, and 3 about Jesus calling his disciples. As Jesus called people to follow him when he was on earth, he still calls us today to be his disciples. 

Monday September 21 – Our chapel today featured a video produced by the Mennonite College admissions departments. Usually the reps from these colleges are here in person, but this year we met them through the video. We learned about Bethel College, Bluffton University, Eastern Mennonite University, Goshen College, and Hesston College.

Tuesday’s chapel time was held in our small groups.

On Wednesday, the scriptures from Mark 1, 2, and 3 were read which describe Jesus calling his disciples. Then we watched clips from “The Chosen” video series about the life of Jesus.

Thursday’s chapel featured the story of Mary Magdalene as depicted in “The Chosen” video series. 

Our week was wrapped up on Friday as we were led in worship by the Hillcrest Praise Band.

On Monday, September 28, Mike Severino Patterson, biology teacher at Hillcrest, shared with us his perspective on how he is fulfilling the call of Jesus on his life. Mike shared about his time in Ecuador with the Peace Corp and also how his being at Hillcrest is an expression of following Jesus.

Tuesday was again in our small group setting.

On Wednesday, Keith Slater, parent of senior Elizabeth, shared perspectives on how our life choices can be guided by God to fulfill God’s purposes.

During our chapel time on Thursday, we discussed in small groups some questions around the theme of following and serving Jesus.

We were privileged to have with us on Friday Rachel Swartzendruber Miller from Hesston College. Rachel is an alum of Hillcrest and shared with us how some of her high school experiences shaped her perspective of how God provides for us.