Ravens softball celebrates season

Ravens softball celebrates season

The Hillcrest Ravens Softball team celebrated an extraordinary season last night outside on the softball field and said our final goodbye to two seniors in the process, Sarena Gerber and Mia Graber.  Following the loss to Highland in Regional competition, it was good to come back and recognize the team and individuals for their accomplishments.  We had two players named to the SEISC All-Conference team as honorable mentions:  Mia Graber and Esther Hughes.  Eight players were named to the Academic All-Conference team:  Sarena Gerber, Mia Graber, Meredith Blossom, Sarah Miller, Leah Bontrager, Evelyn Gerber, Esther Hughes, and Norah Yoder.  And both seniors were honored with the significant distinction of being named to the Academic All-State team:  Sarena Gerber and Mia Graber. 

There were also several team awards presented last night:

Most Inspirational: Mia Graber

Most Improved: Evelyn Gerber

Golden Glove – Outfield: Esther Hughes

Golden Glove – Infield: Norah Yoder

Louisville Slugger Award (Highest Batting Avg.) – Sarah Miller

Most Valuable Player Award – Leah Bontrager

Coaches Award – Mia Graber

Thank you to everyone for your support of the girls over the course of the season and your continued support of Hillcrest Academy Softball.