FFA Week 2020

FFA Week 2020

Grant Bender flips the bottle and hopes it lands upright

Written by Hillcrest FFA Reporter, Leah Bontrager

One day during the week we handed out ice-cream sandwiches that each had a fun ag fact for all of the students and faculty. 

On Thursday we held Ag Olympics. There was a relay course that teams would compete in for the best time. First one student carried two, five gallon buckets full of corn across the gym, while another teammate was getting dressed in overalls and a hat. Then the dressed up student hopped into a wheelbarrow and raced down the court and back. Finally the last teammate would have to land three bottle flips before the timer stopped. The lunch hour ended with Danae and Sarena line dancing to the song “Fishing in the Dark.”

  • Dominic Bouse
  • Jimmy Yusuf pushes Grant Bender in the wheelbarrow
  • Leah Bontrager carries buckets of corn
  • Sarena Gerber and Danae McGaffey line dance

Photos by Isabel Canchola