Chapel continues with focus on Moses

Chapel continues with focus on Moses

We continued our emphasis on the transformation of Moses and his relationship with God during this time. 

On Wednesday, January 29, we looked at the period of Moses’ life as he led the people of Israel out of Egypt, through the Red Sea and into the desert. We viewed a skit from that time period and viewed the section of “The Prince of Egypt” that portrayed this.

Thursday’s chapel featured Tony Widdel, pastor at City Point Church in Washington, IA. Tony shared about what in our lives “gots to go” which hinder our experiencing the fruits of the Spirit,  the fullness that Christ has for us.

On Friday, we completed our observation of Moses’ life by looking at Exodus 33 in which we see Moses and God speaking as one speaks to a friend. What a transformation from the timid, reluctant, and fearful Moses from the burning bush scene in Exodus 3! What an encouragement to us that even though we may be hesitant to respond to God’s call, God will continue to invite us to be a part of what God wants to do in the world. We were then challenged to watch for “God-sightings” over the weekend. How is it that we see God or hear God’s voice in a variety of settings?

Then on Monday, we had the opportunity to share our “God-sightings” from the weekend in first our small groups and then with the whole group.

With no chapel on Tuesday because of a late start, Wednesday’s chapel featured a followup from a December chapel about Sierra Leone. It was a video showing the progress that has been made in that setting but to not look away from the need. Praise Band then led in singing.