Chapel Brings in a Variety of Guest Speakers

Chapel Brings in a Variety of Guest Speakers

Over the last two weeks, we’ve had a variety of events in chapel such that we did not have one consistent theme for this time. We continue to strive for chapels to be meaningful and encouraging in our faith journeys.

On Monday, October 28, we had a review of how chapels have been going for the first quarter of this year. Small groups responded to related questions and a proposed purpose statement for chapel life at Hillcrest. The statement will be shared once finalized.

Tuesday’s chapel was a special event involving area clergy. There was a time of expressing appreciation for and praying for our pastors. Then the pastors had a time of blessing and praying with the students and staff of Hillcrest. 

On Wednesday, Susan Vileta from the Johnson County Board of Health talked with students about vaping and the health risks involved with that.

Thursday’s chapel time was to be in small groups but got canceled because of a weather-related late start. 

November 1 was All Saints Day, a time of remembering the example and legacy of those who have gone before us. We celebrated this day with three students sharing about persons who were meaningful in their lives. Then all had an opportunity to light a candle to honor a person who was a positive influence on us.

On Monday, November 4, Hugh Smith from Voices of the Martyrs presented stories of modern-day Christians who have suffered and died for their faith in various parts of the world. The persecuted church is not just in long ago history but is happening even today.

Tuesday’s chapel was Kevin Wilder, a psychology professor from Hesston College in Hesston, Kansas. Kevin shared about how striving for social approval will not bring about a fulfilled life. A life that is surrendered to Jesus brings fulfillment and joy.

On Wednesday, the funeral of Anna Hughes, parent of students John and Esther, was held at Hillcrest. 

Thursday’s chapel time was in our small groups.

We wrapped up our chapel week on Friday in the gymnasium with Maya Kehr Yoder, English teacher at Hillcrest leading us in a time of guided prayer exercises from the Praise Moves Curriculum.