Laurie Bender Miller ’99 | #youareims

Laurie Bender Miller ’99 | #youareims

Laurie Bender Miller (’99) says, “IMS provides a different than normal high school experience. If you want your child to truly enjoy their high school experience, IMS is a place for them. Students get a lot more attention with smaller class sizes and not only will they be challenged academically, but they will also be encouraged in their faith journey.”

Laurie said that ever since she was little, she always knew she wanted to go to IMS. She wanted to go to a Christian school where not only would she receive a quality education, but would also be challenged in her faith, build meaningful friendships, and feel support from the faculty and staff. Fast forward to her life after IMS, and based on conversations she had with peers in college about their high school experiences, she found out that the culture at IMS provided a different experience from a typical high school.

What she loved about IMS was the family type of atmosphere, Christ-centered education, strong academics, supportive and caring teachers, and variety of quality extracurricular activities. Through things like daily chapels, small group discussions, Bible class, prayer time, Interterm (now called Service And Learning Term), and pre-game devotionals she felt like her faith was challenged and strengthened. This is what led her to become more comfortable with the person God created her to be and she started to recognize the gifts and talents God had given her.

In one word Laurie would describe IMS as CARING. She said the faculty/staff/administration cares deeply and genuinely about their student’s education and development both in and out of the classroom.

Laurie ended by saying that she looks back on her time at IMS fondly, mentioning that she always looked forward to going to school. And she cherishes deeply the lifelong friendships she’s made because of IMS.